Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Hallowe'en! Happy Samhain! Happy All Hallows Eve!

The following is my facebook status presently;
 "Happy Hallowe'en! Happy Samhain! Happy All Hallows Even! The old people would say that the first day is when the veil comes down (yesturday), today is when everything is out and about (hence the costumes, so you can blend in), and tomorrow everything will be chased back to where it came from (the dead, dream creatures, et cetera) as the veil between worlds must go back up... It's a time of feast and celebrating the harvest; in times past.... Just waiting for my client, he wants to be a reptilian monster for Hallowe'en in order to greet the children at the door to give out candy (lord, candy? isn't there something more healthy to share?).... Fun fun bored waiting... lol..."
Marie Dietlin, photographer & videographer.

I have this terrible habit on facebook and emails to not use proper written English, with no mind to sentence structure, often uncorrected typo's, "typo-demons gots me fingers, I swear!", one would think I had no capability to write correctly. Alas, for some reason the super casual nature of email and facebook brings out the sloppy writer in me, although I do try to make it artistic.

Ok now that I have spent a paragraph practically talking about nothing, here's a photo from saturday. Enjoy!

Marie Dietlin, photographer & videographer.

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