Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Taboo: Poke it with a Stick: CRAZY

I just got called "one crazy bitch". I giggled, alot, I am not sure what that says about me. I know I am crazy, therefore I am not crazy, isn't that crazy? Anyways, depends on who's reality reference is the basis of comparison.... 
I don't expect people to understand my craziness, but in all seriousness, that doesn't actually make me crazy, it just means I am attuned to things that most people are not. Before you discredit me because of HOW crazy my posts or any other statements have been or may be in the future; just hear me out for a moment.
The brain works in some really bizarre, and amazing ways. We don't consciously use most of our brains. Alot of information we are picking up from higher senses (it's alot, if we processed that consciously it would overload us) our consciousness doesn't consciously process & can be filtered through to us anyways from our unconscious mind in forms that our so called "rational mind" is able to accept.
So just to give you an example for how & why I dive into crazy-land on purpose;
When I was new to teaching reiki (I am a reiki master), I decided to retake my reiki level one with a master who had been teaching for 20 years and was in her sixties. I wanted to see what that life experience did to change what she had to offer as a teacher and was looking for how I could improve both my understanding of reiki but also teaching techniques.
In this class there were 3 students (including myself) plus the teacher. We were taking turns giving each other treatments. First the other student (I will refer to her as "Student B" and the student I was working on will be referred to as "Student C") gave a treatment and then I gave the treatment to "Student C".
If you have any experience with shamanic educational classes or psychic classes et cetera, they always teach you that no matter how crazy the things are that might pop into your mind's eye or thought processes, not to disregard it but take note & analyze later. It's a bit like dream interpretation but it's with the waking mind & it's psychic (even if you don't know). So during the reiki treatment it is normal that the giver & the receiver may have many kinds of strange experiences, thought processes or visions, or hearing sounds that aren't there etc.
A good teacher will tell you not to ignore these things and talk about it after the treatment. When we were discussing our experiences giving the reiki treatments, "Student B" told us that when she got to the abdomen of "Student C" that she heard howling wind (which clearly only she heard) and saw suddenly an engulfing blackness that felt like it wanted to swallow her up.
I saw ("saw"; it is actually similar to seeing auras, it's a double vision a bit like dreaming that I can easily blink away) faerie-stick people (around thirty of them) running around "Student C" at high speed frantically waiving their arms expressing that something was very urgent, emergency. When I got to the abdomen of "Student C", I also got overwhelmed by black darkness trying to engulf, and I got overwhelmed by grief (I started crying, I am an empath so I often express the emotions of those unable to express themselves).
It was at this point that we learned that "Student B" was also studying shiatsu (also a university student) and in Shiatsu (she didn't know because she hadn't got that far yet in her studies, our reiki teacher knew the other teacher & was familiar with the material she would be covering) "howling wind" is actually part of that system, it's one of the elements they consider when doing their practices & it means "emergency".
At this point "Student C" confessed that the next day she was about to go in for chemotherapy for severe cancer in her womb/abdomen area.
So the point here folks I am trying to make right now is to demonstrate the complexity of the mind and not to discredit what people have to say no matter how insane it sounds. It doesn't matter if there were or were not literally faerie-twig people, or if there was or wasn't howling wind, if there was or was not darkness.
What is important here is that our brains are speaking to us in a personalized language that only we will understand (but I have examples like this where it wasn't a language I understood but took the risk & shared the crazy-talk and it turned out what I said made perfect sense to the client, in the context of professional psychic readings). Regardless of how this kind of situation could be explained by science, it is obvious that we are picking up on information that normally requires scientific tools to acquire said information and it filters down to our normal day to day consciousness in the form that we will have the best chance of understanding.
Before this experience (this was in 2006) I used to have anxiety attacks and freak out about my crazy perceptions, wondering constantly if I was in fact perhaps just had an over-active imagination et cetera. After this experience, I calmed down tremendously and relaxed about what I perceive because what I started to realize was that it is the underlying message that is important, not the package it comes in.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Exposition de la Canadian Society For Art Of Imagination

This past wednesday I attended a beautiful and inspiring exhibition at the Écomusée du fier Monde, close to Sherbrooke Metro. I caught the tail end of the opening night, and didn't get a chance to finish looking at all the art, but I definitely plan to go back, it was fantastic. There is another week left to see the original works which come from both local and international artists.

Photography by April-Anna

Art on the far left on the back wall is by Chris Dyer of Positive Creations.
Sculpture by Zeerka.
Photography by April-Anna.

Écomusée du fier monde 2050, rue Amherst, Montreal, Quebec H2L 3L8

Cette exposition réunira des artistes de partout dans le monde tels que H.R.Giger, Brigid Marlin, Miguel Tio, Robert Venosa, LAURIE LIPTON, Jean Pronovost et plusieurs autres d'ici et d'ailleurs. Le lieu : l'Écomusée du Fier Monde du 7 au 17 octobre 2015.

This exhibition will unite artists from around the world as well as local talents. It will be held at the Écomusée du Fier Monde from the 7th to the 17th of October 2015.

Voici l'horaire des 10 jours de l'exposition
Here is the shcedule for the 10 days of the exhibition:

Mercredi 7 Octobre : 17h à 23h (VERNISSAGE)
Jeudi 8 Octobre : 9h30 à 16h
Vendredi 9 Octobre 9 : 9h30 à 16h
Samedi 10 Octobre : 10h30 à 17h
Dimanche 11 Octobre : 10h30 à 17h 
Lundi 12 Octobre : FERMÉ
Mardi 13 Octobre : FERMÉ
Mercredi 14 Octobre : 11h à 20h
Jeudi 15 Octobre : 9h30 à 16h
Vendredi 16 Octobre : 9h30 à 16h
Samedi 17 Octobre : 10h30 à 17h

Wednesday October 7 : 5 PM to 11 PM (GRAND OPENING)
Thursday October 8 : 9:30 AM to 4 PM
Friday October 9 : 9:30 AM to 4 PM
Saturday October 10 : 10:30 AM to 5 PM
Sunday October 11 : 10:30 AM to 5 PM
Monday October 12 : CLOSED
Tuesday October 13 : CLOSED
Wednesday October 14 11 AM to 8 PM
Thursday October 15 : 9:30 AM to 4 PM
Friday October 16 : 9:30 AM to 4 PM
Saturday October 17 : 10:30 AM to 5 PM

Photography by April-Anna

Graffiti Artists, or (should we be saying) Mural Artists?  

Many people know Chris Dyer through the alternative fine art world, visionary art world, skateboard scene, and in some cases, some people know his graffiti art & sticker art best. On Thursday I dropped in and out of the street art jam that was in progress between four artists. Apparently what they were doing is called "bombing" which in their case they were bombing their old art. Being as I don't come from that subculture (I know Chris through more of the hippie scene), I am not familiar with the terms. I know Chris as another professional artist, so I consider what Chris & the other artists are doing to be free mural art. The city & local businesses are lucky when artists choose to do their work for free (even if it is an ally-way, we don't have to have seedy gross allies) and should really at least be paying for the supplies. This provided of course that the graffiti is good quality and not just a bit mess or something stupid.

 If you want to check out the art, you can see it in the ally way between St.Laurent & Clark, a approx. one block below Duluth on the plateau. 

Chris Dyer of Positive Creations
Photography by April-Anna


Photography by April-Anna


Saturday, October 3, 2015

ReStart: The Humans Rights & Happening Map

So I haven't been properly blogging now for many years in terms of regular blogging. Ok, so here goes, another ReStart.

Friendlyness & The Human Rights

Last night I worked the door for The Human Rights, at Bobards in Montreal, a really talented reggae band from Toronto. They knew how to engage their audience (note worthy because alot of bands don't know how to do this, or come across as pretentious or fake) as much as express their music. Their music is positive, intentional, aware and intelligent. Now I wish I had taken some photos since I spontaneously decided to mention them in my blog but this video will have to suffice. If they come to your neighborhood, they are absolutely worth the money to go see live.

Happening Map

I was recently contacted by HappeningMap, a new website artist directory intended to target visitors to Montreal whom are looking for an accessible way to tap into local culture & underground talent. Whether you are looking for an artistic adventure such as what I can offer (body painting in your hotel room for your photoshoot or night out at a special event) or original paintings to take home, this new website is destined to become a great resource for anyone looking to tap into the underground creative culture hub that Montreal is. Often visitors will come to Montreal unsure of how to find the cool events or hidden artists and often end up at the very mainstream, well promoted events or bars that don't really demonstrate what makes Montreal unique, so this is now one resource to help bridge the gap. HappeningMap is still in it's infancy and is looking for more artists (apply here: to represent as well as is looking for more Hosts to regularly receive & promote HappeningMap's newsletter & website.

Halloween is coming! 

Are you hosting a Halloween event either on the 30th, or 31st? Do you have your Halloween Make-up Artist booked yet? I am looking for more bookings, especially for the 30th, so please let me know if you need Halloween Make-up help either for yourself or your guests! 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

What are friend's for?

So I am trying to get back into a regular habit of blogging about the randomness that crosses my life path.... Last week I spent approx. 30 hours helping a friend out with preparing her new home and moving. My friend has a young friend staying with her for a few months while she attends McGill University. Said young friend decided to "help" us with painting.... I was in the living room scrubbing dried paint splashes off the floor when I suddenly hear this wicked cackling coming from the other room, I walk in and discovered it had been "graffiti'd" on the wall I was about to go in and start painting..... Goodness we all need a sense of humor, what's a week of intensive painting and moving without a bit of comic relief, right?

Haha for a while though, we started wondering how many paint coats we'd have to put on before the graffiti would disappear.... LOL

Monday, December 8, 2014

Exhibition, Art Sale & Mini-Concert Series

Vente et Exposition d’Art (English follows)
April-Anna: Artiste Multimédia
Au Café Pi: 3 Déc jusqu'au 10 Jan
4127 Boulevard Saint-Laurent
Peintures originales, impressions sur toile, cartes et affiches
Vernissage: Samedi le 6 Décembre, 16:00
Art Live & Série de Concerts:
14 Dec, 16:00 - Lilah Woods
17 Dec, 20:00 - Projet AEolia
Art Sale & Exhibition
April-Anna: Multimedia Artist
Exhibit At Cafe Pi: Dec. 3rd - Jan. 10th
4127 Boulevard Saint-Laurent
Original Paintings, Canvas Prints, Greeting Cards & Posters.

Vernissage: Saturday, Dec. 6th, 4pm

Dec. 14th, 4pm Lilah Woods
Dec. 17th, 8pm Projet Æolia

Cover: By Donation (Pass the Hat)