Saturday, October 3, 2015

ReStart: The Humans Rights & Happening Map

So I haven't been properly blogging now for many years in terms of regular blogging. Ok, so here goes, another ReStart.

Friendlyness & The Human Rights

Last night I worked the door for The Human Rights, at Bobards in Montreal, a really talented reggae band from Toronto. They knew how to engage their audience (note worthy because alot of bands don't know how to do this, or come across as pretentious or fake) as much as express their music. Their music is positive, intentional, aware and intelligent. Now I wish I had taken some photos since I spontaneously decided to mention them in my blog but this video will have to suffice. If they come to your neighborhood, they are absolutely worth the money to go see live.

Happening Map

I was recently contacted by HappeningMap, a new website artist directory intended to target visitors to Montreal whom are looking for an accessible way to tap into local culture & underground talent. Whether you are looking for an artistic adventure such as what I can offer (body painting in your hotel room for your photoshoot or night out at a special event) or original paintings to take home, this new website is destined to become a great resource for anyone looking to tap into the underground creative culture hub that Montreal is. Often visitors will come to Montreal unsure of how to find the cool events or hidden artists and often end up at the very mainstream, well promoted events or bars that don't really demonstrate what makes Montreal unique, so this is now one resource to help bridge the gap. HappeningMap is still in it's infancy and is looking for more artists (apply here: to represent as well as is looking for more Hosts to regularly receive & promote HappeningMap's newsletter & website.

Halloween is coming! 

Are you hosting a Halloween event either on the 30th, or 31st? Do you have your Halloween Make-up Artist booked yet? I am looking for more bookings, especially for the 30th, so please let me know if you need Halloween Make-up help either for yourself or your guests! 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

What are friend's for?

So I am trying to get back into a regular habit of blogging about the randomness that crosses my life path.... Last week I spent approx. 30 hours helping a friend out with preparing her new home and moving. My friend has a young friend staying with her for a few months while she attends McGill University. Said young friend decided to "help" us with painting.... I was in the living room scrubbing dried paint splashes off the floor when I suddenly hear this wicked cackling coming from the other room, I walk in and discovered it had been "graffiti'd" on the wall I was about to go in and start painting..... Goodness we all need a sense of humor, what's a week of intensive painting and moving without a bit of comic relief, right?

Haha for a while though, we started wondering how many paint coats we'd have to put on before the graffiti would disappear.... LOL

Monday, December 8, 2014

Exhibition, Art Sale & Mini-Concert Series

Vente et Exposition d’Art (English follows)
April-Anna: Artiste Multimédia
Au Café Pi: 3 Déc jusqu'au 10 Jan
4127 Boulevard Saint-Laurent
Peintures originales, impressions sur toile, cartes et affiches
Vernissage: Samedi le 6 Décembre, 16:00
Art Live & Série de Concerts:
14 Dec, 16:00 - Lilah Woods
17 Dec, 20:00 - Projet AEolia
Art Sale & Exhibition
April-Anna: Multimedia Artist
Exhibit At Cafe Pi: Dec. 3rd - Jan. 10th
4127 Boulevard Saint-Laurent
Original Paintings, Canvas Prints, Greeting Cards & Posters.

Vernissage: Saturday, Dec. 6th, 4pm

Dec. 14th, 4pm Lilah Woods
Dec. 17th, 8pm Projet Æolia

Cover: By Donation (Pass the Hat)

Friday, September 19, 2014

2 New Stopmotion Animations!

This is what I created for the recent "Rainbow" stop-motion animation for Robert Plant's new music.
Models: Laurie Reinhart (Equilibrium Yoga Montreal), Aurélie Morgane (Projet Æolia), & Lisa Maria Diano.

All art, make-up, body painting, face painting, & stopmotion animation work by The Art of April-Anna 

Equilibrium Yoga Montreal

Projet Aeola

Just wanted to share my hard work (worked on this more then full time for a month). I am going to re-edit this & release a new version soon, but for now, here it is! 

New! Keta Nadotawag: Listen – Stopmotion Animation (description below) 

Stopmotion Animation Short Film by The Art of April-Anna

Collaborators: Flying Down Thunder & Rise Ashen
Keta Nadotawag – Listen
Music: Flying Down Thunder & Rise Ashen
Directing Assistance: Mynah Marie
General Assistance: Ziggy Lam

Lyrics & Translation:

Kida nâdôtawag awesîsag

you should listen to the animals

Kida nadotawag pineshishag

you should listen to the birds

Kida nadotan aki

you should listen to the earth

Kida nadotawag kakin awiyagog

you should listen to everyone

Kida nadotawag kichi aya-ag

you should listen to the old people

Flying Down Thunder & Rise Ashen – North Wind

Flying Down Thunder & Rise Ashen – One Nation

Flying Down Thunder’s Youtube Channel: