Monday, October 17, 2011

Vlog: Night 2 of Occupy Montreal

There are over 100 people camping out on night 2 of Occupy Montreal at Square Victoria. I spent 2 hours there this evening, walking around, collecting footage & photos, observing and thinking. I was impressed to see many families, and people from all walks of life. Apparently the tam-tams (drumming circle that happens at Mont Royal) has temporarly moved to Occupy Montreal.

I was impressed to see that there was a kitchen bussling with volunteers preparing food that had been donated to the protesters, there seemed to be an ample amount, which was good since the food was disapearing almost as quickly as it was put out.

There were people sitting in circles talking about how they want to organize the continuation of the protest. There is a media centre, first aid, and an information centre. Some people are camped out accross the street, but most are congested into a tent city with shared tarps, & "roads" between the temporary homes.

People on site are asking for more people to come down to help hold the space in the morning. There are people talking about trying to gather circus performers & other artists to do a performance arts style protests.

Spontainty & pro-active action is the ruling factor right now, there is no clear leadership but the protesters are discussing how they will facilitate the ongoing movement. There is a continueing call out for donations in the way of food, warm clothes & other tools.

A yoga instructor has volunteered her time to teach yoga for free at approx. 8am, this monday morning.


  1. You guys rock! I saw pictures today of everyone around the world occupying and it was amazing. We can all do this together!

  2. Thanks for this blog! We are always working hard to make the food and logistics better and better each day!