Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Your Carbon Foot Print will Plant a Tree!

So for the Carbon Foot Print each person creates by driving to the Open Mind Eco Festival, (I am running the Vision Art Gallery as well as the Body Art Competition), the festival requests a donation at the parking lot which will then be used to purchase a tree in order to offset your carbon foot print! They are working with Carbone Boreal, whom will receive all of the proceeds raised in this endeuver.

Blast from my childhood....

When I was a kid I used to listen to the radio until I'd fall asleep, I used to love listening to this song when I'd hear it come on. I remember camping and imitating this song with my brother, we were pretty silly when we'd do it. I was reminded of the exsistence of this song when DJ Lady Ra posted it on her facebook.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Open Mind Eco Festival

The Open Mind Eco Festival is in 2 weeks! Please come out!
The following is an excerpt from one of the newsletters from the founder of the festival, Adam.
The mission of the festival is to create individual and global change by creating spaces to allow the blooming of our children’s hearts and the experience of a new healthy, balanced and sustainable way of living.

Organic Joyous Music, Conscious Workshops, Lectures, Yoga, Visionary Arts, Healing Area, Enchanted Forest, Lucid Cinema, Positive Ceremonies, Animations and Performances, Kids Village, Sweat Lodge, Giant Labyrinth. We never get bored at OpenMind!

August 9-10-11 and the morning of the 12th will be focusing on workshops, yoga, visionary arts, acoustic music, conferences, sweat lodges, healing area, labyrinth, performances and animations as well as other activities, which don’t involve amplified music (with the exception of a few hours of amplified music on Thursday evening).

Amplified music officially starts on Friday the 12th in the evening.
A "Celebration opening" ceremony will be held on Friday evening; this will mark the beginning of the more festive days, while still focusing on well-being and balance.
All activities on site are free, unless specified otherwise (very rare)
Consult the General schedule HERE or on our website at
Crystal Lagoon Stage: Sunny Organic Music; World Music, Dub, Goatrance, Trance, Tribal, Progressive electronic, Psytrance & other positive and lively musical styles.
Cosmic Glade Stage: Ambient and Mystic Music; Acoustic and Djs; Downtempo, Psybient, Ethnic, Indian, Cosmic, Chants, Kirtans as well as other spatial and ambient music styles.
Consciousness Hut; Workshops, Lectures, Yoga; Many workshops and conferences on a variety of conscious subjects.
Healing Area: Cares, Healing, Meditation; A care-giving village, a small city of Well-being, a peaceful, calm, happy and natural place
VisionART; Visionary Art exhibition and Body Painting Competition
Giant Labyrinth; Initiatory "Labydream" day and night
Lucid Cinema; Conscious documentaries, visionary movies and projections
Enchanted Forest; A forest twinkling with magic, Ecstatic surprises, Pure contemplation
Animations and Performances; Stunning, fantastic and surprising animations and performances
Kids Village; An entire village is built and organized specially for our fantastic little ones!
Positive Ceremonies; Traditional and Neo-shamanic ceremonies from different cultures. Non-Invasive positive rituals of openness, joy and liberation.
Sweat Lodge; Traditional native sweat lodge from August 9th to 13th.
Temple; Grounding Space
Community Kitchen
Artisans and Restaurants village
Sustainable Mind Plan
OpenMind Eco-Festival; A Green Event
OpenMind is first and foremost a way to create the change in order to usher into a new, balanced, sustainable and healthy era ! OpenMind Eco-Festival is fully committed to sustainable development in order to create a positive impact on the planet and its inhabitants.It is only with the participation of each and every one of us that this vision can come true. In the "environment" section on our website, you can see how you can contribute and increase the well-being of our planet, our festival, and ourselves! You can also take a look at the sustainable development plan (Sustainable Mind) as well as the actions spawned by OpenMind in order to bring about our communal vision, which is to create a positive impact on the earth and its inhabitants. Together, we have the power to create change; joined we are much more powerful than the sum of each of us !

For more information please go to the main website:

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Field Trip!

I am passing on the following information on behalf of Serena and my respected teacher & friend, Ethan Murchie, who runs the Montreal Gong-Fu Research Centre.

New York Chinese Herb Farm Visit

When: The tentative date for the herb farm visit is Friday July 29th and Saturday the 30th (camping in rural upstate New York). Conferences & visit the medicinal herb farm. If you're interested, please contact Serena
( And please invite anyone you know who might want to come along.

Here is the internet site:

Competitors Wanted! Artists, Body Painters & Face Painters

The Canadian Body Art Competition
Looking for:
For Artists, Body Painters & Face Painters

If you are registered in the competition, you get the following:
- Guestlist: free entry into the festival for artist + model
- Free ride on festival bus from either Montreal or Ottawa
- Free snacks & drinks
- Prizes Include: $600, live on site Massage by Allison Ryan, gift basket from BAREFOOT WINES, & more.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Friendly Competitors Wanted!

The Canadian Body Art Competition:
A collaboration between
The Art of April-Anna and the Open Mind Eco Festival.

The competition will happen on August 13th & 14th during the festival. The festival happens in the Whispering Pines Campsite, just outside of Curran, Ontario from August 9th to the 16th.

Last year was the 1st festival, with over 800 ticket holders, this year will be even bigger! The competition is inside of the Vision Art Gallery, which will house the works of 19 artists plus a "virtual gallery" in the form of a slide show happening in the Projection Room.

Artists wishing to participate in the body art competition are welcome to participate for free and will also be able to attend the festival (August 9th - 16th) for free, as well as it is free for artists to take the festival bus from Montreal or Ottawa to the campsite. There are also prizes!

Documentary in the Works

James Anthony McElligott is a documentary maker based in Montreal, QC, who has spent the last several years filming both the world's top and unknown body painters. "The Fine Art of Body Painting: Behind the Paint" will be ready for release either in 2012 or 2013. Artists who have been included in this film are Bella Volen, Natasha Kudashkina, Margie Nugent, Einat Dan, Craig Tracey, Remix, Rachel Debor, Nix Herrera, Joy Carter & many more!

James will be filming the Canadian Body Art Competition at OpenMind.

Video-Blog: the Tea Party: 1st song of the night!

So I started listening to the Tea Party when I was 13 years old, they were a new band at that time, still promoting their 1st album. It's been a very long time and I guess some music just stays with you. I can't help it, I love their music and always have so much fun at the concerts.

I didn't think I was going to be able to attend this concert, despite it being their reunion tour; but then a girlfriend generiously bought me a ticket as a gift so that I could attend! The universe consipired! I recorded only a few songs, here is one "ghetto" video of more to come.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mural at Melange Magique

I literally just finished the mural this afternoon, July 6th, 2011. Fifty-one hours over the course of a month, assistance from Ziggy and the cats; Luna & Tequila. The mural covers the 2 walls & a ceiling, hand painted with brushes & sponges. There is more to see then I can possibly show in these two photos, hence the video blog I made (watch below).

This was an intuitive painting process, the starting point was how to turn a yellow wall into a sky without loosing the yellow paint.... Sun, moon & stars transition from daytime to twilight. View a glimpse of the galaxies.

This video takes you over the process from start to finish, of how the mural developed.

Music by Melodic Energy Commission
Melange Magique: 1928 Ste. Catherine West