Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Night 4 - Occupy Montreal

After an evening spent researching, I spontainously decided at 11:30pm to go down to Square Victoria. I was thinking I was crazy for going down so late, didn't expect that people would be up and alert. The jam circle tonight had congregated near the statue, rather then behind the kitchen where it normally is. The kitchen supplies a recycling system, garbage system & composting system for the public. Interesting how Westmount has now had a city facilated public composting system for a few years, but the City of Montreal does not offer such a system, and now Occupy Montreal offers a composting system for the public to use.

Someone who is camped down at the occupation was really adament I should eat from the ktichen as it's food donated by the people for the people. I declined every time, the offer was made to me last time I was there. But the way I see it is the food is there for the people who are occupying the space, I don't want to camp down there for a number of reasons and for those reasons I really respect what they are doing. I live close enough that it's easy for me to go down, so it's appropriate I should eat at home.

The people have told me a few times that if I see something that needs doing then just do it. I respect this but there is also no leadership, as with all the occupy's, which has it's good & bad, I guess like all things. It is beautiful to see intiative being the backbone of this, but sometimes leadership would facilitate getting more done. I guess that's why alot of people have the argument about the Occupy Wallstreet having no focus, I know what they mean, but there is a focus; we just need to organize it. This focus I think is best demonstrated by the following photo:
Definately Candians issues are different then Americans, but there's a lot of simularities and commonalities. These challenges are shared & mirrored within the global communtiy, which is aptly demonstrated by the 1000's of cities world wide who have now joined the "Occupy " movement & demonstration. We all recognise that human society and nature are not healthy, harmonious, or sustainable. One woman pointed out to me that the core of all our issues is selfishness, if we choose to stop being selfish then all our problems are resolved. I know what she means.

Tomorrow I am hoping to catch the daily general assembly. The Mohawk Traditional Council gave the event their blessings this weekend, something that I feel is very special. I am looking forward to talking more with my contacts accross the country.

 "Be the change you wish to see in the world" - Mahatma Gandhi

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