Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Night 3 - Occupy Montreal

I went down to Occupy Montreal tonight, 3rd night that people are camped out at Square Victoria. When I got there the CBC Radio was already there, and Global TV as well as another TV Network (didn't get a good look at the logo) were all just arriving. There were a ton of photographers & unidentified video people wandering around.

Last night there was only one third of the amount of people camped out. Tonight, I am not sure, but I think it could have been approx. 150 tents & maybe around 300 people. Things were peaceful and quickly becoming organized. There weren't as many donations to the camp kitchen (it's free) as there were yesturday, and I heard one of the volunteer staff complaining about people who could go home to eat (I make a point of packing snacks with me so that I leave the food for those staying overnight), so this gives me the impression some people are taking advantage of the free food.

The people were cheerful, you could tell who were involved in the activist side of things and who was there either to support or because they were curious. There were people there from all walks of life, and I overheard discussions about the need for electricity (generator or solar panel) between one of the protesters & a local business man who seemed interested in helping out.

They have started a community board at the Media Centre with information & listings for jobs that need to be organized. The information centre centre was bussling, they had huge stacks of information for people take, everything from newspapers covering the protests to pamphlets specific to issues that need to be addressed.

There was a few modern dancers doing improvised physical theatre expressing why they were participating in the Occupy Montreal protest. There was also a very large jam circle, this time with a variety of instruments (last night it was a drumming circle) and people singing french folk songs. I took alot of footage again, but I am too tired tonight to make another video journal, so I will do this tomorrow when I wake up.

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  1. Awesome April-Anna. Thanks for these posts. It's nice to be connected, through you, to what's going on in Montreal for our world movement. Wishing you well superstar.

    Heralding from Occupy Victoria,