Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I had two clients flake out tonight; I was really miffed and antsy as a result. My fingers were itching to get creative. I tried to convince my fiancee to let me paint him as a dragon (I have horns for him too), but he wasn't going for it. I sulked for a while, but eventually got over it by painting myself as Mictecacihuatl. Of Aztec origin, she is the Queen of Mictlan, the underworld & afterlife. Traditionally she is represented with a defleshed body and jaw agape to swallow the stars during the day.

It took me 2.5 hours to paint myself, then another 1/2 to decide what I was wearing; waste cincher or corset? If I go with the corset, which corset? The so called "Harley Davidson" (Ziggy's midnight shopping on Ebay) corset, or the really pretty but unauthentic red one? After 15 minutes I decide I am not in the mood for wearing a corset, and settle on the waste cincher. Flowers, vines, feathers, a shawl and a black cloak later, I was ready to leave the house. Unfortunately there were no interesting events happening tonight, so being the eccentric artist I am, Ziggy and I went for dinner at Oyster Shack.

To end my night, I went for a bike ride up to the mile-end to visit my good friend, Jamie Brock of Advika Clothing. We talked, giggled, watched some short shows, did a 2am photoshoot, then I headed home. Bike riding there and back was lovely, very pretty, I love Montreal's old architecture, the colour of the amber street lights combined with slowly changing leafy trees, coasting through Mount Royal Park, it was a lovely end to a very good evening. It was also especially fun seeing people's reactions to me riding along in a black cloak done up the way I was!

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