Saturday, October 22, 2011

Art News!

Ok I know I have been posting alot about Occupy Montreal & Occupy Wallstreet this past week, and it's because I feel this is potentially my generations 1968. I see alot of good that can come from it and if you are looking for my nightly post about Occupy Montreal, then please see below (I am actually posting 4 blog postings tonight).

But it is time for a break and to go back into the core reason for my blog, which is not to talk about politics; anyone regularly following my blog knows that this is highly unusual for  me to give so much attention to politics, the environment and other issues on this blog. I created this blog to express myself, but mostly to talk about my art and my personal adventures as an artist!

Art Exhibition at Burritoville
This is the last week you have the opportunity to see my exhibition on the 2nd floor of Burritoville, the work is up until November 1st, 2011. Burritoville is located at 2055 Bishop Street. Operation Hours: Sun Closed; Mon-Sat 11am-11pm.


Last Minute Halloween Make-up??
I am still accepting bookings for Halloween Special Effects Make-up appointments for the weekend of the 28th-31st of October. $1.50 per minute, no drop-ins, appointments are first come first serve. Most looks take between 20 minutes up to 45 minutes.

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