Saturday, February 18, 2012

Only 39% of Canadians voted...

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Only 39% of Canadians voted for this Government and they still won power. This could happen again unless we all join our national political parties and encourage cooperation. In weeks, leadership elections in our opposition parties will begin, deciding their positions for the next four years! If each of us joins the political party of our choice right now, we can change politics in Canada forever.

The government in power only represents the priorities of 39% of the country, with the rest of our votes split amongst four other parties. But most Canadians think the opposition should cooperate to make sure the majority is represented in Parliament. The Greens already support this plan and a key leader of the NDP is moving his party in that direction. Now we need a wave of support from Canadian voters to make cooperation a reality.

We can change the way the opposition behaves by joining their ranks. Parties begin to close their doors to new voting members this week. Click below to join our national parties now -- our voices as members can come together in a massive national call for cooperation and finally make democracy work in Canada:

    Click here to join the NDP
    Click here to join the Liberal Party
    Click here for the Green Party
    Click here for the Conservative Party

Most of us, including progressive conservatives, aren't represented by Harper's right-wing policies. Joining a party only costs a small fee -- 25 dollars for the NDP and 10 dollars for the Liberals, the two official parties holding leadership races. Joining the Conservatives costs 15 dollars and the Greens cost only 10. And, for the first time ever, cooperation is a key topic in the NDP leadership race. This might be a once-in-a-generation chance to make cooperation a reality and end vote-splitting and defensive voting for good.

The Green's leader Elizabeth May supports cooperation, and high-profile NDP and Liberal party members are open to the idea. If we all become members of parties now, we can vote as a bloc for party heads who will put the public interest first by uniting to represent the majority of Canadians right now in Parliament and in our next election. Those of us joining the Conservative Party can act as an important force to bring progressive conservatism back to Canada.

Let's help elect a government that represents the real majority of Canadians and ensure no one can hijack our elections with less than 40% of the vote. Click here to join the movement to make Canada's democracy work:

    Avaaz members across Canada have stood up for our democracy before, beating back attempts to create "Fox News North" and fill our media with misleading statements. Let's stand together again today and make this the turning point for our country and the future of our politics.

With hope and determination,

Emma, Stephanie, Ari, Benjamin, Ricken, Morgan, Wen-Hua and the whole Avaaz team


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