Thursday, February 23, 2012

Model Wanted!

Photography by Christopher Capicollo

So I am looking for a petit model (5'6" or shorter, slim), male or female, available for the 16th, 17th and possibly the 18th to volunteer to come with us to the Trois Rivierre body painting competition at the PGBHG wild life fine art exhibition.

You need to be comfortable with being fully body painted; you'd have nipple covers on that I body paint over, and something like bikini bottoms, or a G-string.

Your travel, accomodations and food would be paid for. You'd get a copy of the photos from the competition.
Someone with modeling, or performance experience is preferred.

The competition is on the 17th, it's a long day; we have to be on site for set-up and registration at 10am-ishness. Competition starts at 12pm/lunch hour, and ends at 6pm. A break for dinner (not very long), then the judging starts, photos, then stage. By the time everything is said and done, it'll be approx. 9pm.

There are showers on site, but if we stay overnight on the day of the competition, then you can shower in the hotel (might be nicer).

FYI I can get really intense when I am body painting and sometimes I get really stressed, so ideally I'd like a model who won't be affected by whatever mood I am in and is also able to remind me to breath and stay calm. I try my best to make it fun and cheery and can use a little help in that process.

I will consider all candidates, but I have a back-up plan if I don't find what I am looking for.

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  1. Sounds interesting,I'm 5"8 so I'm a bit tall,my email is