Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cora Flora

I met this lovely young woman, Cora Flora, through a friend of a friend. She's a very talented singer song writer. I would best describe her music as being folk, but I also hear other influences. It was such a treat to hear her live, while the recordings sound good, it's not nearly the depth of richness you get with the live experience.

I met Cora on the day we were to do a photoshoot together with hairdresser & make-up artist, Maria Osborne de Jonge. This photoshoot was set up both so I can practice my photography but also to practice my technique with stop-motion animation.

I started a professional photography course three weeks ago with photographer Anthony Teoli, who has been teaching at Concordia's Continuing Education for 30 years now. Having spent now over 6 years working with many professional photographers, I have developed a wee bit of a grasp on how good lighting works. However, I find it easier to see what is wrong with my lighting then it is to see how to correct it with the tools at my disposal. I only have one small film light, but it's a clean white light, however, I am eager to get into learning to use proper studio lighting.

The shoot with Cora, between set up, Mia's work and then my work with Cora, it ended up being an 18 hour shoot for Cora, who was a good sport. Mia dyed Cora's hair two shades of dark purple on top of her fuscia dreads, with flowers as her inspiration, created a beautiful up-do. The song we were working with as inspiration, Flower, as per Cora's request, is a song from her first album Flourish.
The flowers in the background basically grow there through out the stop-motion animation.

I'll do a follow up blog later on when I have made more developments with the stop-motion animation's editing process.

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