Sunday, October 31, 2010

Photo Retouching

I have re-edited this article on Friday, Nov 5th, 2010.

This photo is an artistic experimentation with Sandra from Gypsy Circus Clothing and photographer James St.Laurent in the fall of 2005. I had just arrived in Montreal after a cross Canada drive, with a young women from Point Claire. I had found the ride through the "ride share" system on craigslist, which is a list of people looking for other folk who need rides going in the same direction; of course sharing costs is the major influence in these ventures. When I came to Montreal, I was coming to visit. I had been talking with a childhood friend for 10 years about coming to see her and I had been talking with James St.Laurent about possibly doing a photo collaboration with him. This is one of several shoots I did with James.

(click on the photo to enlarge to see details)

The image below is from the contest entry I put together for the online comic book called Drowtales (costume contest). I wasn't sure if the contest was nipple friendly so I decided to photoshoot the nipples out (well actually I am using GIMP, not photoshop).

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