Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Opening Night of "Ancient Reverie"...

Opening night of "Ancient Reverie"
Photography by Melanie Pilon

Don't forget that if you didn't see the artworks yet, that the exhibition is open until November 1st, 2010.  The address is studio 411 in the Belgo Building; 372 Sainte-Catherine Quest. You can call Gallery Massarelli Design at 514-397-0006

Photography by Melanie Pilon

The opening night of the exhibition was a great success! 
I worked between 10 hours up to 16 hours a day for approximately 3.5 weeks leading up to the vernissage & cocktail. I finally started to decompress yesturday, and slept for 15 hours!

Photography by Melanie Pilon

What people are saying about the Opening Night...

"A lovely exhibition! Fantastic indeed :-)" - Jasmina & Jamai from Media & Redaktica Pro

"Congratulations, you did a super nice job! I am looking forward to see your career development!" - Josianne

Christina Supernova performing with glow poi that change colours.

Photography by Melanie Pilon
"Beautiful artwork. Very talented artist. Love your use of colours!" - Laurie Williamson

"Thank-you! It was wondeful! Colours are out of this world! Please continue to delight us!" - E.Tah

Caroline Tremblay playing the flute for Christina while she performs.
Photography by Melanie Pilon
"Very impressive! Congratulations & good luck!" - Paul Loftus from the Irish Chamber of Commerce

"Felicitations April-Anna pour ta premiere exposition. J'ai beaucoup aime la presentation la violioniste, la musique et le spectacle de danse et de musique, tres bien choisir... bien ser au centre..." - Isabel

Suzanne Daningburg, winner of one of the door prizes.
Photography by Melanie Pilon

"Amazing lady, you inpire me and I had so much fun. I know you'll go far!" - Keera Sama, clothing designer.

"Awesome opening! Everything looked great! Congrats!!!" - Andrei

One of the winners of the door prize.
Photography by Melanie Pilon

"I loved your art, food, performers & you. Next?" - Christine

I had a great time and felt so pampered! Good vibes and gorgeous art!" - Allison

The food was made by Jamie Brock, Elissa Baltzer & Joy Nicole Benoit with some assistance from April-Anna. Food planning was a collaboration by all the ladies. The food was served on a sliver leaf tray that dates from around the 1930's. Photography by Melanie Pilon.

"Congrats! All your hard work is paying off!" - Chris

"Lovely and interesting location, great art, great set-up, great vibe, great food and company" - Abbie
The mask made for Christina to wear during the performance.
Photography by Melanie Pilon

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