Sunday, October 24, 2010


Halloween is nearly here! 
Have you got your make-up artist booked yet? 
If not, then you  have come to the right place! I am offering private appointments out of my private studio in downtown Montreal 
(I have cats, so hopefully you don't have allergies). 

Come enjoy our fireplace! We use "coffee logs" instead of wood, it's really neat, they compress recycled ground up coffee into logs for the fireplace. 

In the heart of the city, it will feel like you are relaxing in the countryside with music while you are preparing for your Halloween activities!

$1.50 per minute if you come to me for an appointment. I can make you into whatever you want to be; vampires, dragons, faeries, elves, orcs, werewolves, teddy bears, wounded nurse, devils, demons, witches, shamans.... 
Cute, or scary, sexy, magickal or fantastical! 
What do you want to be? More photo samples are in the Halloween Section (click here to see).

I am also available to come on site to your event. If you need me to come on site there is a 2 hour minimum, it's $100 per hour plus travel time, with a deposit for booking. 

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