Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Advika Clothing

I hope I am retelling this tale correctly...

A very good friend of mine, Jamie Brock, walked into a store in Nelson, BC (almost 3 years ago) wearing clothes she had made herself. She had only recently started to learn how to sew. She knew at least enough to have made the clothes she was wearing that day, an experiment in her personal sense of fashion (which I might add that she has good tastes).

The store owner went nuts over what she was wearing and asked to place an order for the coming season. When it was revealed that she didn't have a business, the store owner became very passionate that if she would start one right away, that the store would be her first big customer and a regular one at that. In a state of shock, she came back home to Montreal, thought about it and decided to act on the opportunity that had presented itself. This was the birth of Advika Clothing, which is of course a beautiful work in progress.

I find Jamie's story exciting and inspiring, as well as I love wearing her clothing. Her clothes are both beautiful, comfortable and versatile. I really want to see her continue to succeed and grow as a fashion designer, which I have no doubt that she will. So I offered to build her a blog set up much like a website to tide her over until her actual website is fully developed and ready to launch. The blog of course will continue to be used and be complimentary to her main site, even once the new website is launched. Take a look at what I created for her!

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