Monday, July 5, 2010

“The key to change... is to let go of fear.”

(quote is from Rosanne Cash) Would you believe I have been agonizing for 2 years over how I wish to change my website? I get very passionate about it, I always think I have the new perfect look and send out samplers to all my friends & professional networks, but later on I start fussing again, especially once I receive feedback.

My partner and fiancée (did I mention I got engaged while I was in Hong-Kong?) runs my website. He mentioned to me that it's not good to make drastic changes to websites, according to statistics. Apparently people like change to come slowly.

Why do I wish 
to change my website? 
I don't feel it visually represents everything I do & offer. The new website will have new sections, such as a gift shop.

People constantly mistake me as being the model with the black hair that is on the current website, which is something that drives me nuts. It never occurred to me that people would make that association.

Also, with the largest image being of a person in body painting, it subconsciously guides the viewer to focus on the body arts. Ideally I should probably create a separate website for each section of my business, essentially dividing it off into 5 separate businesses, but this is not realistic at the moment in terms of creating & managing multiple websites.

My vision is for my clients & audience to think of me as a multi-disciplinary artist and for people to be creative about how they can utilize or enjoy my work. 

Anyways, I have not quite found the answer just yet but I am close to settling on something. The sample ideas for the new look that are shown above, are the latest of what I have been working on. If you want to go to the website as it is right now for comparison, just imagine the test-sample-looks as having the news section & other content in the blank area (such as galleries or information). Feedback is encouraged & welcomed.

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  1. pick the first one for your new website poster.