Friday, July 16, 2010


Tonight, while I am writing this (at 4am, I guess it's early morning now), I have enjoyed gifts of Guinness beer (oh lovely dark beer) provided first by my fiancée, and then later, by the director of the documentary "Lemmy", and the last drink came from the director of "Siberan Film" (which looks really well done and very scary, I couldn't sleep after I watched the trailer, but what does this say about me?). The writer for "Siberan Film" & "Tears for Sale" (one of my new found favourites) was somehow involed in purchase of said beer but I don't know if that was just simply by proxy of if in fact he was involved in the transaction but either way, thank you boys for being so generious! Really this was a fun night!

Movie #4 out of 11, & a bit more rambling...
Let me say at least that, we live 2 blocks away from the film festival, Fantasia, I feel so luxurious living so close. I am very excited to be participating as a viewer for the first time, and I am excited that I am being provided with the opportunity to witness the results of such awesome creativity & team-work.

Anyways, I am being gushy, but believe me, my gush is sincere!
True hard work & effort is something which I feel goes both unappreciated & sometimes un-noticed. So I wish to bring attention to the effort put in by the creative teams involved in the films presented by Fantasia this year. The folks involved in all of these films are extremely creative, skilled, professional and talented people. It's exciting and inspiring!

My diatribe leaves me with the conclusion that I have no idea how I represented myself or came across to the writers & directors who bought me said lovely Guinness. I hope I made a good impression and I am sure I was very talkative but as faults go this isn't the worst fault to pocess.

I promise to leave a proper blog posting as soon as possible with exciting details about my present experiences.

If you happen to have the chance to see "Lemmy" (as in the documentary about the bass player & lead singer of "Moterhead"), and if you have the chance to see "Tears for Sale" (and "Siberian Film", though I warn you, the trailers affected me in such a way that I could not sleep well after), then I highly recommend it, these films are really worth the effort.

I wish I could pick the brain of said writer & directors more deeply; I would like to be able to convey a true understanding of their message in a way that they would approve of.

Anyways, I am off to bed now.
Cheers everyone, and "rock on" (do I sound cliche?)

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