Thursday, July 22, 2010

In a nutshell...

What have I been doing lately?
It is hard to articulate life sometimes. There is always something going on and in my mind sometimes it starts to feel like a bit of a blur, memories not gone, but just so much to mentally articulate, that it's hard to know where to start, or which experience to share. Of course there are also all those millions of little moments that make up a day that don't sound like much unless you are there to experience the magick.

In a nutshell, lately I have been...
Saturday I went out of the city (see photographs) with my fiancee, friends and family to spend the day on the river (it looks like a lake and has the rhythm of the ocean). It was wonderful. The wind was nuts, which was perfect for the surfers. It looked like it was raining in the distance while I was swimming and at one point it rained small teases, but otherwise mainly stayed sunny (I got a sunburn to prove it). As we were returning to Montreal, I was shocked to drive into a wall of fiesty rain.

We've seen more of the Fantasia Film Festival, but will talk about that in another blog posting. We have 4 more out of a total of 11 to go.

Yesturday I took a workshop by Melanie Mathews, this one was a special class. We were hand picked by Melanie to be offered the opportunity for 5 people to have a workshop at her studio & home in Point Claire and be served a lovely light lunch with wine. This was my second class. The only thing is, the class starts in the wee hours of the morning, oye I am not a morning person. This proved quite disasterious because when I got home, I was so over tired (I worked hard on my art for hours on only 3 hours sleep) that I quickly passed out and slept through the pick-up time for my weekly organic food basket (you snooze you loose, they give it away if you don't pick it up). I was so peeved with myself for forgetting. Then I had a meeting with a photographer, Ben Von Wong, to discuss potential collaborations. Shortly after that I met with a fire performer, Christina Lacombe, to discuss collaborations.

Today I worked on a drawing of friends of mine who will get married soon (3 weddings to go to over the next few weeks). These drawings are meant to be realism, first done in pencil and now touched up with pointalism. The work isn't finished though. I plan to transfer it to canvas and add some colour, possibly some multi-media attributes (still to be determined). I have worked on this all day, now into the night and obviously the wee hours of the morning (it's after 5am and the sky is no longer dark blue). Off to bed I go!

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