Thursday, June 10, 2010

"Hey Montreal! Show us what you got!!"

I am participating this weekend in a group art show. Galerie Maison Kasini at the Belgo Building did a call out for the artists of Montreal to come participate in a first come first serve, unjuried art exhibition this weekend. The rules were that to participate one had to show up on June 5th for 11am. I did this, and oh my I did not expect to see such a huge line up. Artists had been arriving as early as 10am to get in line, we got there at 11am and it took an hour and a half before we finally got into the gallery. The line up when we left was just as long as when we had gotten there! This exhibition has over 30 artists accepted into the show.

EXHIBITION "Hey Montreal, Show Us What You Got!".
June 5th to June 19th. Opening Reception: Saturday, June 12th, 3-5PM. According to Maison Kasini's website: this "is an opportunity for the public to be exposed to unfettered talent and it is an opportunity for artists to show and introduce their work."

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