Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Adventures at the Tam Tams

 Anyone who's been to Montreal, knows that we are famous for an event everyone calls "The Tam Tams" at "the mountain". Mont-Royal Mountain, though compared to what I was used to in BC, while it is in reality just a very old mountain, hence it's small size, the fact that you can walk over it in a relatively short period of time is indicative that it's more like what we call a hill in BC, but Quebecors are really defensive that it is a real mountain.

Anyways, the tam-tams remind me of Wreck Beach back in Vancouver only with clothes on (Wreck is a nudist beach). Basically the Tam Tam's are like a free-form festival with a market place for arts, crafts & often hand made clothing.
The henna has glitter on it that I apply while it's wet.

The drummers all congregate around the giant statue, and by the Gizebo you find the psytrance DJ's (at the end there is a fire jam involving both poi, staff & fire eaters/breathers). Over to the right & above of the statue, there is a field where all the circus performers & yoga practitioners go to train, and above them is where all the medieval & fantasy fighters have "wars" with fake swords (all ages, including some very serious & very intense older men fully decked out).

It's really quite something. Every sunday I go and I offer a roaming henna service. Be sure to check out my new website at: www.aprilanna.com

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