Sunday, March 17, 2013

Twilight Between Sound

Creative Writing Piece
I am not actually sure what year it was when I first wrote this, but I think it was in 2004, possibly 2003 but I can't really remember for sure. Anyways, I suppose trying to remember the literal date I wrote this really isn't relevant... I had been working on developing it into a stage production but have since dropped that due to hurtles I was running into at the time. Who knows, maybe I'll dust off the stage version again at a later date.... We'll see where the river flows...


In the twilight between sound
The place that is the beginning and the end
The end that is the beginning…
The place that is everything and nothing
A place that is so full of sound
It is silent
In thought, and, memory….

In twighlight
We dream
This is where we live
In twighlight
We live
Because this is where we dream
In twighlight
We are…

This is where our hearts live
This is where our souls create
In dreaming I die to live

Between twighlight and stars,
Between sun, moon, and earth,
Between sunset and sunrise,
Between shadow and mist;
In between time and thought…

To rise

A conversation
Between energy now called stars
A dream
Between time,
where the birth of all things exists;
In a dance of our minds
The vibration is the experience
In dreaming

A conversation
Between energies
We dance
This is where are souls live
We dream
We dance

GodS create
Made in the image of
Souls create
Made in the image of
We create

A conversation
Between minds
Between energies
We dance
Between dreams
Between time

A conversation

Some would say that raven made the world one day
But raven and crow talk in riddles and mysteries
They contradict themselves
Raven is mischief, wisdom and creation
Crow is justice, laughter and wisdom

One day a creature laughed
A creature that knew not what it was
It was both white and it was black but never both
A creature that would one day be called raven
It danced with joy at this new feeling
This skin
It had acquired
This was kNew
Coyote used talk about it
But Coyote wasn't' always known for telling a straight tale
This creature on a journey to self discovery
An ancient babe
An energy within Skin
And raven danced and danced and laughed one day
And out popped
A squawk
And feathers a lot
A little joke raven played on itself
Little one to tease and taunt him
And Crow gave a squawk and a laugh
And off he was
New adventures between sound and twighlight

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