Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Old Article: It's been a busy week...

Wow this is an old blog posting I started writing but then saved it as a draft, here it is anyways, with relevant related photos.

Body Painting & Make-up by The Art of April-Anna

Actually I think that might have been an understatement. I still have many photos to get back from the photographers, but a run down of the past week has been beauty make-up workshop Monday (regular make-up, I am doing further training to expand my services).

On Tuesday I turned a 41 one year old actor & producer into a 71 year old man for a film shoot (photos to come) and another actor into a monster part way through filming (for a Doritos's commercial). I still need to chase down footage from this shoot; it was a really funny commercial.

Wednesday was another beauty make-up workshop, Thursday was my rest day combined with a study group meeting. Friday; product shopping at Make-up Forever, & research to do in preparation for the Bollywood Blast contract I have for stage make-up & body painting. Yesturday,

Photography by Peter Kelly
Sunday, I did period make-up from the 1920's with a high fashion influence for a photoshoot, along with turning a model into a tiger (head to foot body painting).

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