Monday, January 31, 2011

Recent adventures in April-Anna-Land

Recently I went with my awesome friend, Al Kray, to see her boyfriend's band play at the Wheel Club in NDG of Montreal, QC, Canada. I had never seen him play before, but I had heard many good things from Al and knew it would be worth the treck out into the cold, cold, blustery winter night.

Bloodshot Bill doll made by Al Kray

"Bloodshot Bill n'The Handcuffs" are a rockabilly band that will keep your toes tapping and your face smiling, even if you aren't a fan of country western rock'n'roll.

The bass player was pretty fasinating, he was all over the place, spinning his bass like a twirl top toy, climbing on top of it as though to ride it like a skate board while also trying to play at the same time (he did a good job). The sax player and the drummer were equally full of energy, words do not do either of these men justice for the life they brought to their instruments and the excitment they created in the dancers.

Audience members enjoying a game of pool while watching the show.

Their antics, while fun to watch, were difficult to photograph (keeping in mind I don't have a professional camera), hence the many ghost like hands I captured in many photos. Luckily I created a video blog for your entertainment (see at the bottom of this article).
 Normally "Bloodshot Bill" is a high energy solo act that tours North America, Mexico & Europe at festivals and concert outlets. Quoted from his myspace profile:

Bloodshot Bill

"Greasy Canadian has travelled ... all sortsa places too, from big festivals to tiny bars to trailer parks & truck stops...Tours mostly as a one man band, but has bands too...He is currently banned from entering the USA...Has put out a buncha music on his own, and has alot more comin'...Recently teamed up with Mark Sultan (BBQ) and released their debut LP, The Ding-Dongs...Also, recently teamed up with King Khan as Tandoori Knights, and released a full LP and a couple 7" singles...Has his own brand of hair grease, "Nice'n'Greasy", custom made for him by AGS, and it is without a doubt the best there is...Has a lotta side-bands you'll never hear ("thank god" sez you)....If he comes to your town and you want to make him happy, he likes spaghetti and meat alot, but not too much before the gig, please."

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  1. Hi April, :-)

    I just wanted to stop by and say "hi" because we have lots in common. I'm also an artist who does facepainting/bodypainting/art/henna in Montreal. I saw you working at Comic Con and was intrigued. Since then, it looks like I always see your work everywhere. :-)
    I'll be at the Valentine's day craft fair at the Eglise St-Michel as well, so I'll stop by and say "Hi" in person. ^-^
    Keep up the good work!