Monday, December 6, 2010

A warm reminder of Summer

As I have been saying over the last several blog postings, life has been very full and it's been hard to find the time to keep up this blog and to keep up my video-journals (some call them "vlogs": video blogs). Hence why it is now December and I have only just now made my behind the scenes video journal of the photoshoot I did in August with photographer Andrei Kalamkarov & fire performer, Christina Supernova.

I conceptualized a thematic with a blending influence of Victorian, Steampunk, masquerade, circus & shamanism; which played with the balance & delicate nature of life. Stars, sun & moon combined with a hand painted waste cincher & neck corset; the body painting, including the hair & make-up, took a total of 7 hours of preparation. We scouted the right location on the spot, driving around, much to the chagrin of our model (it was around midnight after all) and much to my stress, but we had a feeling, followed that instinct and really lucked out with exactly the right location along the Lachine Canel bike path in Montreal, QC, Canada.

The images I was looking for were intended for use in my then upcoming art exhibition in the Belgo Building, "Ancient Reverie", which did feature alot of imagery from this photoshoot. By the end of the photoshoot, Christina was very cold but a good sport, we all had a lot of fun and it was beautiful to watch the process unfold. We finished the photoshoot somewhere around 3am.

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  1. Playing with fire whilst topless is the female equivalent of guys in the buff frying bacon.

    Yup, I now have improved web access. Doom for all...