Sunday, December 12, 2010

Two Pregnant Models

Body paintings by The Art of April-Anna & Elissa Baltzer Dreamscapes. Photography by Andrei Kalamkarov. Music provided courtesy of Mushroom Lounge Recordings.

It took me 26 solid hours (this includes the first 3 hours Elissa helped me to get it started) to do the background painting. It's unknown how long it took to make the mask since I created it over the period of a week in between other activities. I was still working on the mask through the out the day of the shoot, finishing final details right after I finished the body painting. The body painting on the pregnant model wearing the mask is by me. The other body painting that is influenced by the sun was created by Elissa.

The inspiration was a combination of Venetian masquerade balls, the moon in classical faerie tales, the sun, creation, growth (blue lotus flower). This photoshoot was a celebration for the two women being 8 months & 6 months pregnant.

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