Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Body Internal - Video Journal - Behind the Scenes - August 2010 Photoshoot

This is a collaborative body painting between myself (The Art of April-Anna) and artist, Elissa Baltzer Dreamscapes in Montreal, QC, Canada. This a long over due video journal "vlog" that I only now finally had time to create. It has taken me 15 hours to make this vlog ("vlog" means "video blog", same thing as video journal).

The body painting took 9 hours with the last 2 hours receiving additional help from my fiancee, who proved to be a very helpful assistant, Ziggy Lam. Photography is by Benjamin VON WONG, plus amateur photos taken by either myself or Ziggy on our camera (it's definately not a professional camera).
Model is Pierre Simard. Music provided courtesy of Mushroom Lounge Recordings.

This was my second time working with Elissa, but our 1st time working on the same painting & model. The body painting depicts the anatomy of the internal body from the musculature, cartilage, bones, and some organs, with a traditional Chinese Medicine twist. The 5 elements is depicted on Pierre's back, with the yin-yang besides the heart, & the large intestine meridian line is painted in yellow, going up his arm, neck and under his nose.

This video includes some narrative about why we choose this subject, as well as a small amount of educational information in relation to where the traditional chinese medicine comes in and what the  meaning is of what we choose. Please leave comments!


  1. This is so amazing just beautifuly amazing!!!

  2. so beautiful, lovey <3

  3. Hey! Ziggy never got credited as "Smoke Machine Boy"!

    Anyhow, me like. I'm hopimg to make it to BodyWorlds this time (currently in Vancouver). Maybe I'll bring some yellow paint and do some overlay graphics...