Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Santropol Roulant "Winter Masquarade 2009"

It's amazing how fast time flies and photos left unedited for another day soon become old. When I went to start working on the photos from Hong-Kong, I realized I should perhaps deal with photos from earlier events. December 6th, 2009, I participated in a fundraiser for "Meals on Wheels", organized by Santropol Roulant.

I did the face & body art for two circus performers, Jen Casi on aerial silks and a mysterious winter elf played by  Marie-Soleil Fortin, who helped bring in the first snows of winter. The event was held at the Just for Laughs Muesuem. There was an art auction which I contributed 2 works of art and donated 1 copy of my new book. The evening included lots of live musical acts and dinner for 500 people.

I created a Video-Journal, take a look!

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