Friday, July 31, 2009

Latest & newest creations: a peak in my studio....

I took a class this spring from a wonderful teacher & artist by the name of Melanie Mathews, where I was excited to learn more techniques taking me further in the realm of mixed mediums.

"A dynamic and contemporary approach to acrylic painting in which mediums, gels, image transfer, and glazing are used to enrich your painting style. This is a contemporary take on the versatility of the acrylic medium, emphasizing personal imagery and a process of discovery" - quoted from Melanie Mathews

This particular painting is a custom creation for close friends of mine. I am also offering custom paintings like this on etsy. Using the above techniques, I create an original painting collage for that utilizes one of several photos submitted to me.

I started with two photos of the couple, one was of them camping and the other was from their wedding day. I then created a photocopy and transfered that onto the canvas (see photo). I then took two photos of their kittens and practiced drawing the kittens until I had results I was happy with. I layered the original art on top of the transfered photographs, painted with acrylic colours & metalics, then layered in gels and other mediums. The final coat is transparent butterflies.

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