Wednesday, July 22, 2009


So I have been working on my personal growth for a long time; I guess we all are. But for me, I technically have an under-active thyroid, IBS, asthma, some joint issues (tendinitis etc) and some other challenges. When I moved out of home at the age of 19, I was extremely overweight, depressed and at a loss as to how to create the life I wanted; I was also questioning what exactly I wanted.

Truly these are not unusual circumstances. However, the turning point started for me when I realized at a certain point that my inner world is my outer world; I cannot make change in my life if I cannot make change from within. For me this journey has taken on many forms and there are many stories I could share with you in this regards, all of which cast a "slightly different slant of light". It is my hope that my stories and experiences might be helpful to you or at least interesting.

What I want to focus on right now is the gratitude I have for how my health has changed. Of course I have had to work very hard for this; but right now I am seeing some growth that really seemed like such a dream. I am 4 sizes smaller then I was 10 years ago. I have been trying for years to teach myself discipline and motivation. My goal is to exercise every two days, and stretch every day.

I have also been receiving traditional Chinese medicine and practicing (on again off again) a style of martial arts called "Bagua Zhang" at the Montreal Gong-Fu Research Centre for 2 years. I have been exploring other alternatives for 7 years.

It's so amazing to feel so good and feel so healthy, I have never been this healthy and happy as an adult before. Even 3 months ago my health wasn't as good as it is right now; every day I just get healthier and stronger. I know most people when they turn 30 (I just did last december) that they panic about suddenly being "old", but me, I am excited with how young I am! I am looking forward to all my birthdays to come as I feel that I am like a fine wine, I will just get better with age. So far this has been exceptionally true.

I know they say it takes three weeks to create new habits, but I don't think that is true since many times I have hit three weeks and then proceeded to "fall off the band wagon". Habits! Routine! Who would ever think I could become a routine person, but here it is! I will give you a progress report in a few months; now it's a matter of sustaining these habits over an entire year.

I am super ecstatic as well about this Thai Yoga Massage practitioner I just had my first session with yesturday by the name of Asya, I highly recommend her. I have tried 4 different practitioners in the past year and with one exception (Stephanie Golden also rocks!), this is the second practitioner that I am truly satisfied and impressed with. I met Asya only a week and a half ago; she is highly skilled at what she is doing with such a lovely presence, and is quick to share a smile. Asya works alot with the elderly with helping them create mobility and improving their day to day health through regular Thai Yoga Massage.

What I like about Thai Yoga Massage is that it is combining pressure point therapy with massage and yoga stretches; except that you don't do anything, the patient just needs to relax and focus on deep breathing. The practitioner stretches you very gentle but further then you could do on your own; I felt so incredible. I highly recommend this form of therapy to anyone; I feel everyone can benefit, but particularly those who are either recovering from something that has laid you up for a long time, or perhaps like me you just want an extra boost to your regular efforts, perhaps you have digestive issues, back problems, there are so many things this form of therapy will assist you with.

Ok that's my health rant for today!!

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