Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Preparations for my exhibition - 2009

So the cat is out of the bag... It's official; Fall 2009, I will have a full scale exhibition of my work; this means everything. Fine arts in multi-media on canvas, pen & ink on acid-free paper, "murals" on acetate, art installations, masks, & photography of my body arts.

Location is to be announced; but it will be in a high class venue. Guest list only; invitations will be sent out much closer to the date. We have to make a guest list for the vernissage (opening night) because the capacity will be limited.

Here are a few previews of the works I am currently twiddling with in my studio.


  1. Excellent blog! Gorgeous, well laid-out, and well written.

    I have a blog here, too!

  2. Such talent, you are following your bliss, creating your art and you are soooo good at it. Thankyou for sharing....lovelight and blessings....