Saturday, November 29, 2008

Art dresses...

So one of my recent projects is exploring the possibility of offering art dresses. I am in discussions right now with three different designers about this possibility; one of which jumped on the experiment with full trust during a body painting session. Keera Sama, designer for LIA Fashions "Life is Art" , was modeling for me on a collaboration with photographer Abbie Brand of "Excentria Productions" when we decided to go from painting her skin to painting her dress. I have discovered I really like making wearable art.

Keera has a show on right now "Wearable Art Show" at Nexus Art Gallery at 218 St Paul in Old Montreal. I have one piece of art at the show right now with two more pieces,

only recently finished, on their way. The dresses you see above are for sale. Each piece I have made is completely unique with no other like it.


  1. I think this is an idea you should persue :)

  2. That is a horrible update, i think you should tell her no thanks
    If you are gonna mass produce, you should do it under your own Company. You and Ziggys
    The world wide web would be helpful, you could set your company up on ebay for chrissake