Sunday, November 23, 2008

Photoshoot tonight....

So we had the "mighty mighty blueberry super hero also known as a bum faerie", and a couple of pixies.... Ok seriously; I wasn't trying to create a super hero or pixies; but after some experimentation and a little reflection; we all observed the results could not be denied...

I did another photoshoot with Pierre Simard tonight. This was something we planned about three weeks ago. The purpose was multi-fold; experiment, collaborate, practice, & portfolio...

We had a blast! We invited my awesome and lovely friend, Jamie Brock "Advika Clothing; Sustainable Fashion", who had recently started her own clothing company. I invited LaSalle College fashion marketing student, Alison Hicks, to come model for us, as well as massage therapist. Our third model, the "super blueberry hero, also quite a bum faerie", was hypnotherapist, Patrick Luce ( who is also a long time practicing martial arts student.

My focus was legs & neck corsets. With Patrick I was simply thinking to create a Chinese style men's shirt with body paint and some manor of design. Originally I wanted to work a dragon into Patrick's body paint but with time constraints and the way my creative flow was going, I did a different type of pattern of the "shirt". I choose blue on Patrick because it's his favourite color; I didn't realize how super hero like or blueberry like the whole look would be. As some of the models were saying, it was very "X-man" like (woops!).

Honestly, super heroes & comic books don't interest me; but I like the results all the same. It was such a fabulous and fun day! Thank-you so much Pierre, Patrick, Kaz, Alison & Ziggy!!

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  1. I think that the X-Men reference is mostly peripheral and influenced by the ubiquitous nature of advertising and association with popular culture. After all, wasn't X-Men in everybody's face when it came out however many years ago? I did not think Superhero when I saw this image. In fact, I did not realise immediately that it was paint - then, of COURSE it was!

    The image of your other friend is beautiful. Your work is incredible, April-Anna. I've never seen anything like it.