Monday, March 12, 2012

Upcoming Body Painting Competition: Birds of Lac-Saint-Pierre

I am very excited about the upcoming body painting competition in Trois-Rivières, QC. This saturday, March 17th, the wild life artist group, PEGHB, that works in support of Lac-Saint-Pierre, the world's largest wetland reservation as recognized by UNESCO, will be holding their annual group art exhibition; "L'Eco Salon".

Model is: Leatizia V. Iman

They are still accepting last minute entries into the body painting competition. You can see the registration form here: . For any beginners, or experienced body painter, this is a great opportunity to challenge yourself. 

Model is: Brittany Taylor Ashbridge

I really believe that body painting competitions, if approached with the right atittude, can be a very healthy growing process for any artist. The competition isn't really with the other artists, it's really between you & yourself. It's the challenge to get the body entirely covered in art in the thematic of the competition (this year it is Birds of Lac-Saint-Pierre), eat as you need to, and get the hair completed in 6 hours. This is not alot of time to paint a person from head to foot, especially if that person is tall! 

Model is: Brittany Taylor Ashbridge

By the end of the competition, I start to feel more like the artists around me are company for the journey, a shared experience that is at the same time very personal. It's beautiful and I cannot help but sit back and look in awe at all the amazing art I am surrounded by.  

About the Event:

Éco-Salon du Lac Saint-Pierre

1760, Avenue Gilles Villeneuve
819 374-3102

16 au 18 mars 2012, Bâtisse industrielle - Parc de l'exposition
Artistes peintres, sculpteurs et taxidermistes sous le thème de la faune et de la flore du lac Saint-Pierre.
Kiosques environnementaux, conférences et Body Painting.
Présenté par les Productions l'Envol du Grand Héron Bleu.


Adulte (13 ans et plus) : don de 5$
Enfants (0 à 12 ans) : gratuit accompagné d'un adulte


Vendredi 16 mars
De 18 h à 21 h
Samedi 17 mars
De 10 h à 21 h
Pierre Verville, imitateur, humoriste et comédien
Porte-parole de l'Éco-Salon 2012, sera présent. (Horaire à confirmer)
Concours de Body Painting
De 13 h 30 à 18 h
Dimanche 18 mars de 10 h à 17 h

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