Saturday, December 3, 2011

Yuletide Arts & Craft Fair

Yuletide Arts Craft Fair, Saturday, December 3rd & 4th, 2011
Gorgeous painting by Elissa Baltzer. Photography by The Art of April-Anna

Oh my lord, you wouldn't believe how tired I am. I am so tired that it's practically psychedelic. I couldn't sleep last night, I was still excited from having been at the concert, probably adrenalin. It was after 5am when I fell asleep, and I had to be up by 9:30am. I was late arriving to the arts & craft fair to set up, but luckily it was quiet. Well, let's just say some people found this predictable. What can I say, I am not a morning person.

I love this wreath, especially with the little horns. Photography by The Art of April-Anna.
Traffic was quiet today, some people commented that they think the promotions for this year's event weren't as good as last year. I have my hopes that tomorrow will be busier, hopefully alot busier. There are workshops happening at the same time, but I am honestly not sure what subjects, other then that it ties into spirituality or psychic development.

Lovely, talented lady who makes candles; Creations Jazzy Blues Creations

All of the work of the vendors was very impressive, diverse & talented. There was everything from candle making, knitting, canned goods, paintings, jewellery, and book authors. The camaraderie between people was lovely, and vendors were entertaining themselves by bartering with one another. I traded two posters for garnet hoop earrings.
Paintings on the right hand side are prints with hand painted layers, original photographs by Christopher Capicollo of the body painting I did at Trois Rivierre Body Painting Competition.

I had the henna out with me today but was too tired to actually offer it. However, anyone wanting henna tomorrow, I will definitely be prepared. I also newly released my miniature paintings which are for either displaying on a wall, hanging in a window, or it can even be used as a fancy bookmark. If you are looking for a gift that is lightweight and easy to mail, this would defiantly be it.

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  1. Alas, advertizing was indeed late this year and not so extensive. Many of the organizers this year were suffering a variety of private family crises or burnout from other commitments. There were complications with scheduling and locking in our guest speakers which forced advertizing to be too late for public media and sadly no volunteers collected the printed posters to distribute.

    Otherwise, it seems to be going fairly well. The talks are decently attended and this year's vendors are a wonderful variety of talents bringing in so much freshness.

    This year the Yule fair has done something new. It is including Francophone lectures! I hope Sunday turns out brilliantly.

    I figured you had a rough night. I too know you are not a morning person. It all seemed to work out fine though. Glad you made it in.