Friday, December 9, 2011

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 Handmade Blank Books

I meant to write about this as things were occurring, but alas, time did it's time thing, I was tired and couldn't think of any words to combine in order to say something interesting to you. Finally I am in the mood to do a bit of writing before I turn in for bed.

Yuletide Arts & Craft Fair which was hosted by the MPRC at Melange Magique was fun and went by fast on Sunday. The workshops seemed like they were full, and the participants were cheery. I ended up doing quite a bit of henna, including a few barters with some of the other vendors. I am now the happy owner of another pair of feather earrings, and a pair of garnet & silver hoop earrings made by Willow Dream.

Elissa Baltzer
My friend, local artist & Maritimer, Elissa Baltzer was my neighbor. Her work is gorgeous, inspired by nature and the old tales of faeries and other wee folk. My other neighbor was a baker, while I couldn't eat (gluten intolerance) the lovely looking treats (they sure did beckon to me), they must have been tasty because she had a lot of visitors (including repeats).
Miniature Paintings

I am a member of the Montreal Board of Trade (part of the Chamber of Commerce), on Tuesday I attended the monthly business networking cocktail, which was being hosted by Gallery MX. When I walked into the gallery, I was immediately struck by both the trendiness and the warmness of the space. I normally don't like trendy places, but this gallery has a very welcoming feeling.

Yuletide Arts & Craft Fair: The Art of April-Anna
 The architecture is very unique for what I am used to with galleries and the work is diverse. There was alot of beautiful work there by many talented artists, ten of the artists were present at the apero, I am told. I met one of the artists, Michel T. Desroches, who does beautiful portraits that blend from a sense of realism out into an abstract world of subtle colours and chaotic lines that seem to almost be moving. The current group exhibit is really worth seeing, as well as, for any art buyers out there, you would be hard pressed to decide which painting or sculpture you'd want.

Tonight I went to a Christmas Reception at the University Club which was for the Montreal Irish Chamber of Commerce (I am also a member there). They were celebrating their 20th year as a chamber, and the guest of honour was Dr. Ray Bassett, Ambassador of Ireland to Canada. I had brought along my new semi-professional camera to take photos of the night, but then after two photos the battery died (I was very frustrated), clearly I am not used to this camera. Needless to say I intend to buy a 2nd battery. 

Paul Loftus, President of the Montreal Irish Chamber of Commerce
It was a fun night in a very upscale place with an open bar (the Guiness didn't flow like water, but certainly was popular, they couldn't keep it cold!) and lots of tasty appetizers (though I must say that Gallery MX had much better food). I very much enjoyed watching the young competitive Irish dancers perform.

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