Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mural at Melange Magique

I literally just finished the mural this afternoon, July 6th, 2011. Fifty-one hours over the course of a month, assistance from Ziggy and the cats; Luna & Tequila. The mural covers the 2 walls & a ceiling, hand painted with brushes & sponges. There is more to see then I can possibly show in these two photos, hence the video blog I made (watch below).

This was an intuitive painting process, the starting point was how to turn a yellow wall into a sky without loosing the yellow paint.... Sun, moon & stars transition from daytime to twilight. View a glimpse of the galaxies.

This video takes you over the process from start to finish, of how the mural developed.

Music by Melodic Energy Commission
Melange Magique: 1928 Ste. Catherine West

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