Sunday, June 26, 2011

Rainbows over Montreal

I took this photo on thursday when I was riding bike accross the city during a break in the rain.

So I can't tell you  how busy I have been lately, you can tell because of the lack of blog postings. Officially I have discovered I am a work-aholic, it's all personal projects.I did 7 weeks with only 3 days off, working around 14 hours a day; it burnt me out, now I have to learn a healthy balance.

I was responding to the needs of the situation. I was asked to join the Open Mind Eco Festival as one of their volunteer organizers (I am curating and organizing the Vision Art area, so this includes an art gallery & body art competition as well as art jams) back in March, but at the time I was preparing to participate in a body art competition in Trois-Rivières organized by Les Productions du Grand Heron Bleu du Lac St.Pierre.

Valérie Blanchet

After going over my goals for the art gallery & body art competition for the Open Mind Eco Festival, I realized in order to have a high quality presentation that I would need to organize a fundraiser. The fundraiser started off with an idea to do a "Chinese Auction", otherwise known as a "Penny Social", then I realized it would make sense to do a one day art show in order to promote and show what I was fundraising for, which then expanded into a one month art exhibition and the fundraiser became the vernissage (in English this is the party & opening gala night of the art exhibition).

The fundraiser (June 9th) was a great success and a beautiful event. Unfortunately our photographer had some technical difficulties and I was too exhausted, busy with hosting to take photos; so I have no event photos. But I will be hosting an Open House at Ahimsa Yoga Studio & Community Space on July 2nd so that people have an opportunity to come in and look at the current group art show I organized and also meet the artists.
Adriane Enns

Anyways, to summarize what I started off talking about, I am exhausted but very happy. The photographs you see of the rainbows were taken the day I wrote this blog on the bike path.

I am very excited about everything coming together so far for the Vision Art Area of the Open Mind Eco Festival. I was able to raise $836. for the body art competition and the art gallery, which is very good for my first time throwing a fundraiser.

However, I do want to raise more money because I'd like to be able to provide food for the artists and I also want to be able to offer large financial prizes for the body art competition; but it's ok because I can work with what I have. But who knows what may happen next? This is a beautiful adventure this life, so really, who knows what beautiful opportunties might come next! Certainly I'll keep you posted!

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