Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"Being a live painting at the Body Painting Competition"

Being a live painting at the Body Painting Competition
By Learn to Create (Keera Sama)
Body Painting competition in Trois-Rivières
"March 18-19 was a body painting competition in a small town up the river from Montreal!"

Photography by Christopher Capicollo

"On Friday we packed up and drove to a bed and breakfast close to the Eco-Salon where the event was taking place. It was sooo cute! The house is apparantly 100 years old, you constantly hear the wood creaking, it reminds me of a typical grandmother’s house."

"At the competition they took very good care of models and artists alike! They had a little heater for each model, it was awesome, usually people aren’t so considerate and as a model I end up freezing as I’m being painted. They made sure we always had water tea or coffee."

Photography by Christopher Capicollo
"SO let me tell you, being a body paint model isn’t super easy, you stand for many hours at a time (this time it was 6 hours, longest I did was 9 hours) while having your nearly nude body painted. You can’t exactly take a sitting break because your bum is covered in paint, lol. And once your hands are painted you can’t touch anything. At that point Chris {photographer}was a very good sport and fed me! I’ve learnt now to start stretching from the beginning, everytime the artist is turned away or taking a mini break, I stretch, dance a little, and it keeps the aches and pains at bay! It really helped because after the competition I was just tired, and my patience meter was completely out, otherwise no problems."

Keera Sama
Photography by Christopher Capicollo

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