Thursday, November 11, 2010

Time is flying!

I didn't realize how much time had passed since last I wrote, I have been so busy! Time is really flying!
Keera Sama as a mermaid, Sunday, Nov 7th

Saturday I met with documentary maker, James Anthony McElligot. I had been preparing a circus performer, Diann Gonzalez, with evening make-up, when James arrived to do an interview on me for his upcoming documentary on the world of body painting. This documentary is meant to cover all forms of body painting and all levels of body painting, to give an accurate and objective view of what body painting is in all it's faces.
In the process of painting a mermaid.
 It was interesting to watch  the reactions to the gear James was loading into the make-up & body art studio, especially the look on my partners face; I giggled. I did warn him that James was coming to do an interview and had told Ziggy (business partner & fiancĂ©e) what the documentary was for but he didn't think that I literally meant James was going to be filming, he thought we were just meeting to talk! The studio lights fillled the room and there was not much room left but it was ok because he needed me to be in one spot anyways (especially as one screw from his tripod seemed to be missing). The interview was fun and it was the first time I felt really comfortable with the camera and myself. My cat sphinx kept trying to get into the film.
Running out of time, painting while eating.

Sunday James came out to film the mermaid body painting & photoshoot I did with model & belly dancer (and fashion designer) Keera Sama and photographer Marc Bourcier at Oyster Shack (bar & seafood restaurant). Originally this was a photoshoot that Keera & Marc were planning to do in the summertime, I offered to join the collaboration and we were meant to do teh shoot on the ocean but unfornatuly unexpected circumstances occurred and postponed the shoot. We decided that since it was the autumn and we didn't watn to wait until summer, that we would do the shoot at the Oyster Shack, who were gracious in accepting and assisting in our collaboration.
Marc Bourcier showing photos.

I am very lucky the photographer, Marc, is a very patient man. We were supposed to be finished the body painting by 7:30pm but both Keera and I were late to get started, pushing the shoot  back by an hour. Additionally it took 6 & half hours to do the body painting (torso) including hair & make-up.

The photos that Marc took are not ready yet, the photos shown here are from James's & Zigy's cameras (he captured the step by step process).
I can't wait to see how the documentary progresses. More news to come!
James, Keera & the artist.

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