Thursday, May 7, 2009

This Saturday - "Interdemensional Art Show"

I am participating in a one night only art show here in Montreal this saturday. I don't like to label myself or talk much about my inspirations since the audience of my work is quite broad, I like to harmonize with the people I am with. I am a spiritual person who looks at life through a filter filled with imagination and magick.

This is exactly what this art show is about; Chris Dyer has gathered the international artististic community (many disciplines) who draw from the spiritual & imaginative realms that we find through meditation & good intentions; our common ground is our common goal to leave this earth in a better state then when we got here.

I am showing my latest painting (completed today!) in the "Interdemensional Art Show" as well as I will have a boothspace there... There will be a large art gallery plus live music, performers & crafters market...

The art show got an article published in the "Montreal Mirror"; when you go to the page please scroll down.

Please come out and support us! Lots of dancing, lots of fun! One day only!

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