Monday, May 11, 2009

The past 7 days... 3 new videos...

So there has been alot going on for me & my work in the past 7 days; about as much I as I could handle....

The film right below is: the Interdemensional Art Show in Montreal, organized by artist Chris Dyer and Psychonaut Gift Shop. Music is by the "Feast of Spirits", a project of Oliver Lewis & Anna Luisa Daigneault.

I had the body painting competition on May 3rd (more professional photos & videos to come), I worked on completing a large canvas painting all week in my studio (professional photos to come), I went to a technical acrylic class on wednesday at the Westmount Arts Centre, I had a paid contract at a bar in Saint Hyacinthe on May 9th, and prepared for the Interdemensional Art Show on saturday May 9th.

Here is the video from the bar show in Saint Hyacinthe.

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