Tuesday, February 3, 2015

What are friend's for?

So I am trying to get back into a regular habit of blogging about the randomness that crosses my life path.... Last week I spent approx. 30 hours helping a friend out with preparing her new home and moving. My friend has a young friend staying with her for a few months while she attends McGill University. Said young friend decided to "help" us with painting.... I was in the living room scrubbing dried paint splashes off the floor when I suddenly hear this wicked cackling coming from the other room, I walk in and discovered it had been "graffiti'd" on the wall I was about to go in and start painting..... Goodness we all need a sense of humor, what's a week of intensive painting and moving without a bit of comic relief, right?

Haha for a while though, we started wondering how many paint coats we'd have to put on before the graffiti would disappear.... LOL

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