Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Preperations for Film Festival Submission

So it would seem that this year I am not up keeping my blog as prolifically as I have in past years. I am hoping to get back into a weekly habit of blogging. So what has been keeping me so busy? Well, to start with, I decided to organize my own wedding this year, Ziggy and I got married in August, with a steampunk "Midsummer's Night's Dream" theme.

Before and since then I have been regularly producing stop-motions. I recently learned how to use the record function in Photoshop (scripting), and was just wrapping up the editing process of 2000 photos for one of 7 projects I am working on, when my hard-drive decided to become almost full & stop working. Luckily, my darling husband mail ordered new hard-drives, so I should be back on track soon with finishing editing. Did I mention I am learning a new program, Adobe After Effects, to be able to put my stop-motion animation together?

I tried submitting a rough draft version of my stop-motion to Canadian Music Week's film festival, but it was rejected, though I was encouraged to try again another year. I requested feedback and was advised the work was too experimental and they prefer works that have a story line. Perfectly understandable. Good thing is, that is my next step anyways; I do want to eventually want to work with story telling, although I love experimental work so much I'll probably produce both kinds of short films.

So now I have a few months before the stop-motions have to be complete. But I am finding post-processing is very time consuming, in some cases, more so then producing the stop-motions themselves. My latest project with singer/songwriter Mynah Marie took us two months and well over 100 hours to produce enough footage, but we aren't 100% happy with everything and keep discussing the possibility of producing more footage for the project, called "Autumn".

I look forward to sharing my future creations with you!


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