Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Protesting Oil Stopmotion Animation Series

"Protesting Oil, Please Don't Spoil"
This is the name of a stopmotion animation I released earlier this year with my friend Dean Shivji who modeled for me because he felt simularly about the oil industry pushing to install the pipelines. Dean's day job is within the government. He wears a suite to work; the symbolism was very perfect for the message. 

Two weeks later, I did a second photoshoot with Olga, originally from Russia, she now resides in Montreal, I know her through the Montreal Gong-Fu Research Centre where we both train in martial arts and receive traditional chinese medicine. Olga studies both Xingyiquan & Baguazhang probably around 15 to 20 hours a week. We have spoken many times before about how it upsets us to see the environment continued to be destroyed, and we are really upset about all of the oil spills.

Olga represents the female archetype in this subject. As an archetype, women carry hope, nurting, give life and have much wisdom to share. Right now we still live in a male dominated society, which is very aggressive, and doesn't think about the impact we are having on the bigger picture. 

I can't wrap my head around why people don't see that we are in an environmental emergency worldwide and we really do have to change our ways now. If we wait for the shit to hit the fan anymore then it already has, it'll be too late. 

 We really do need act now, to live pro-actively. To live in harmony with each other, and the earth. This needs to become our priority above all else, preserve what is left of nature world wide, lower our impact as much as possible, help recover the lands and help nature to heal or at least just stop hurting nature. Eveything is connected and we are only hurting ourselves when we hurt the environment.

I haven't had time to finish the editing process, I am starting to think it won't get done until winter sometime. Regarding the first frame of the stopmotion with Olga; Why do we need awareness?  To quote my friend & professional psychic & tarot reader, Raven Scheadow, on this subject: It's time, as the Warriors of the Rainbow. 

It is time to unite, and fight for our Mother, as she lies screaming. Her surface is ravaged for oil and greed. Her children are dying, as animals and plants go extinct at enormous rates. We have a choice, and only one generation left in which to make it. 
We the Rainbow People, must turn to the wisdom of our Elders, while the time still remains. We must light the fires again, and give our thanks, and make our stand, before it becomes too late. 
Many peoples of many nations have prophesied these times, times of great struggle, and evil, towards most of the population. If we do not return to the Red Road, and light the sacred fires, there will be no eighth fire to light.

A new era is upon us, and it is up to us to decide. This could be a time of great bliss for all mankind, or this could be our end. No more time for laziness and procrastination, we must make our stand. 
This is Dean's belly body painted. The mask is from the people of the Great Bear Rainforest in Haida Gwaii
What do you choose?


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