Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Symphonique de Montréal & Simple Plan

My very lovely friend shared her extra ticket with me for the charity fundraiser with l’Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal & Simple Plan. I am very lucky that Josianne wished for my company! It was an interesting event. Josianne was there for work related reasons, I was there for the simple adventure of the universe which brought an unexpected adventure.

Dario Ayala/Postmedia News.
The concert was held in the new Place des Arts hall, Maison symphonique de Montréal, which is now renouned for it's acoustics. The interior design had something to be desired, I personally prefer the old fashioned ambiance of concert halls such as The Realto in the Mile-End. However, I definately recognize the accoustic improvement with the new hall.

I am not a fan of Simple Plan, and was not very familar with their music. However, I did recognize many songs. Their target market I am guestimating to be youths between the age of 10-18. But from looking at the response of the crowd, I would say there are exceptions to the rule. The lyrics are really relevant for young teenagers; the music really made me reflect on how much growth I have done since being a teen.

Photo is borrowed from the Wikipedia entry on Simple Plan.

The combination of this being a high profile charity event, (with both a silent auction and regular auction), brought in a massive amount of attendees of all ages, with a large percentage being from the business world. The presence of the sympany also influenced an older crowd to be open minded, and many were not really familar with the band Simple Plan.

I love seeing rock bands mix with the symphanies, it's beautiful, very impactful and full of energy. As music goes I must admit "Simple Truth" is not exactly my "cup of tea", but I very mcuh appreciate their good intentions and amazing contributions to multiple charities! Tonight they raised over $300,000.!

Photo is from the Wikipedia Entry for the Montreal Symphony Orchestra.

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