Saturday, May 14, 2011

Enchanted Forest: Vernissage

"Enchanted Forest" - June 9th Fundraiser. 6pm-10pm Coctail & Chinese Auction. 6pm-10pm. Group Art Show.

Music & Entertainment By:
Balkan Beats by DJ Eliazar
Kyra Shaughnessy: Singer Songwriter
Story Telling by Hobbes
Harp & Song by Theda Phoenix & tba.

Belly Dance by Sharon Levinger. Baladi by Keera Sama.
Roaming magician Sébastien Talbot.

Cocktail sponsored by Barefoot Wines.

Location: Ahimsa Yoga Studio & Community Space: 5369 St. Laurent, Suite 240

Organized & presented by The Art of April-Anna for the Open Mind Eco Festival.

Chinese Auction: Cross between a silent auction & a raffle. This is the funniest type of auction you will ever go to! Any items you are interested in, you can place as many raffle tickets on that item as you want, each raffle ticket increases your chances of winning (every item is a seperate draw).

 Items on auction include (more TBA):
- 2 Gift certificates from Allison Ryan Massage Therapy Montreal valued at $100

- 1 Gift certificate from Montreal Gong-Fu Research Centre for consultation & tuina (chinese massage) valued at $70.

- Organic clothing from Advika valued at $250

- 1 Gift certificate for private lesson valued $60 from Sharon Levinger Belly Dance Performer & Instructor

- 1 Gift certificate valued at $100 (tarot reading) from Catharine Allan Clairvoyant Medium

- 1 Gift certificate valued at $75 from Gaelle's Massage Therapy & Healing Services

- 1 Gift certificate valued $50 from Lumanessence

- 1 Gift certificate from Psychonaut

- 1 Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl valued at $250. from Andrea Ostiguy, Reflexologist/Naturotherapist

- 1 Adventurine Necklace valued at $50 from Le Dragon Argente

- 1 Hypnotherapy session, valued at $90 from Ikra Centre

- 1 CD from Auresia Muse

- 1 Sculpture "Egg Goddess", value is $50, donated & made by Lauryn Trimble

- 1 Dress with arm warmers from Gypsy Circus Clothing by Sandra Iannuccilli. Valued at $165.

- 1 Gift Certificate for Radiesthesy session and Aura reading valued at $100 from Charme & Sortilège

- 2 Tickets plus 6 meals for 2 at the Open Mind Eco Festival. 8 days, ticket value at the door is $175. per ticket, total value: $350.

- Gift certificate for $80 at Trance Plants: shamanic and medicinal herbs and incenses.

- 1 Hula hoop valued at $50 from A-Muse Hoops

- $150 Gift Certificate from Organik Santé Corporative for an appointment with the naturopath Émilia Sirois.

- $125 Gift Certificate from Elizabeth Johnston, Writer, Instructor & Coach for a one day screen writing seminar on Saturday, September 10th, 2011.
- Art prints from the following artists: Elissa Baltzer, April-Anna, P.John Burden, and more!

- Home Cleansing Smudge Kit from Melange Magick, valued at $40.

- Tea & Colouring book from Yellow Bird Project

- Wine basket from Barefoot Wines

- Beer basket from Beau's Organic Beer

More auction items to be announced soon! - MORE TO BE ANNOUNCED SOON!

"Enchanted Forest" a Visionary Art Experience, Group Art Exhibition from June 9th to July 9th featuring the works of up to 30 Artists:

Plume (Richelieu, QC)
Aurel - Pumayana (Australia/France)
Chris Dyer (Peru/Montreal)
April-Anna (BC/Montreal)
P.John Burden (Maritimes/PEI)
Elissa Baltzer (PEI/Montreal)
Serene Daoud (Montreal)
Jacqueline Hana Tyracek (Vancouver, BC)
Adriane Enns (BC)
Lauren Trimble (Montreal)
Benjamin Wong (Montreal)
Valérie Blanchet (Montreal)
Gabriel - DJ Zen (Quebec)
Marie-Line Vasseur (Montreal)
Janic Losier
Lena Breijer (Montreal)
Yasmine Desrochers
Valerie Lambert (Belgium)
Jonathan Lee (Toronto)
Cornelia Dudli
Allison Ryan

Auction Tickets:
5 tickets for a recommended donation of $10
12 tickets for a recommended donation of  $20
35 tickets for a recommended donation of  $50

Free finger food. We ask for donations at the door and donations for the bar.
Why do we need to fundraise?
I am organizing a fundraiser to raise money for the art galleries & body art competitions. We need to raise prize money for the competitions, money for tools such as folding tables & chairs, outdoor canopy tents, food for artists and more.

For more information or to contribute (still looking for more musical acts, artists & performers), please email

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