Monday, January 11, 2010


I am hosting a contest in collaboration with photographer, Pierre Simard. There is the opportunity for 7 people in the Montreal area to win as well as 3 people from the International community (yes, anyone, anywhere in the world can enter to win).

You have the chance to win:

- 10 people in Montreal will have the opportunity to win 1 Free Glitter & Shimmer Temporary Tattoo with 20 minute photoshoot. Winners will need to sign a model release form and be available on Feb 21st in order to participate. You will receive a copy on CD of the photoshoot. The "glitter & shimmer" tattoo will last approx. 1 week.

- 2 people from outside of the Montreal area (this includes the rest of Canada and anywhere else in the world) will win 1 fine art poster each out of a choice of 13 images. To see samples, please go to my Etsy Shop.

- 1 person will win 1 copy of my new book "The Art of April-Anna: 1996-2009 The journey from Fine Arts into Body Arts & Somewhere inbetween." Click here to see a sample of my book.

How to enter the contest:

You have to send me a postcard by regular old fashion "snail-mail"; on the postcard please write down your contact information, this includes full name, email and address. Please include the note "I want to enter the contest." as well as, please tell me what you like about my artwork and why you hope to win. Please email me privately for the regular mailing address:

Once I receive your postcard, I will put it into the contest box. All entries must be received by Feb 15th, 2010.

Announcing the winners:

The winners will be announced by a home-made video-journal posted on my youtube channel and the link will be placed on this blog on Feb 16th for you to watch the announcements.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment on this blog! Or you can email me at


  1. YouTube no workee for me. I demand notice be sent to my residence on Super-8 Kodachrome media.

    Brother Ron

  2. April-Anna, thank you so for visiting my blog and leading me here. Your work is beautiful & fascinating! when i was young lol i was so into face and body painting, now i dont even have a single photo left as proof!! I hope you do make it over to scotland one day, it is a truly inspiring place and i am so lucky i live here. I am sending a post card!! x x