Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New Book! ...Updated Oct. 17th...

This is my 1st book and it will be a small run of books printed off as orders are placed (either by the person or a store), or if I have an exhibition or show.

Do you want to order a book?

Early bird special: $25 if you pay for your order before November 1st, that's $10 off and it will be numbered & hand signed.

Early Release for the book is Nov 1st, 2009
(tentative; will let you know when I get the confirmation from the printer, right now the printers are processing my posters, postcards & cards,so I have to wait until that is finished before I can hand the book in).

Official Release is Nov. 20th, 2009

You will be the 1st to know when the books are printed and in my hands!

About the book:
52 page saddle stitch book, full colour and glossy; approx. 9"x12".
This will be an over-view of my work from the past 13 years, including both my fine arts and the transition into the body arts. There will be small stories about each artwork, or related poem or thought. There will also be an interview included, along with information about my collaborators such as the photographers.

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