Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Before and After....

I have been doing more and more photo editing and graphic design for myself and friends. I use GIMP instead of photoshop; I used to use photoshop but then due to my boyfriends ethics and my sense of privacy, I decided to go onto a linux system on my computer along with all free software.

It was at first difficult to adjust from photo shop to GIMP, and the only thing that GIMP doesn't do is CMYK, but that easily rectified by going to see a friend with a legal copy of photo shop.

What I like about GIMP is that it's co-created software by computer programmers who believe that software should be free and easily accessible for everyone. Free software is a constant evolution created by volunteer programmers on their spare time outside of their day jobs.

The photograph you see is a sample of my most current editing work in GIMP. The clothing is designed by Advika Clothing on 100% organic fabric.

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