Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Beautiful adventures.... excitement in Aprilanna-land...

The Fringe Festival
Last night I went to see some old and new acquaintance-friends perform in their latest production by The Ancient Rugged Revival, Cabaret l’Amour Fou, as a part of the fringe festival. I simply have to quote the words of another attendee because it really "hits the nail on the nose":

The experience was as if I had dropped acid and spent "the evening shinning flashlights on the ceiling while watching your favourite new, or old-school pirate movies. Now play an old blues record and put on episodes of Jim Henson's The Muppet Show. All this and you'll come close to the experience I had while I was in attendance for this show. I can't hype this show up enough, nor does its artists need me to at all. Without a doubt, the people who see this show, whether they knew what they were in for or not, will, like a wild, giddy, brush fire, tell everyone they meet about the erotic, awesome dream of this show. If you want to see a show that you'll remember forever and will let you grow old knowing that you experienced something wild, see this show, hear this show, become possessed by this show!" - Steven McLeod

Hello everyone!!

It's been a while since I have posted here on my blog. Been experiencing a bit of a brain-fog when it comes to sitting down and typing out my adventures as they have been happening. But also I have taken up the hobby of creating video-journals (some are quite ghetto but fun all the same) of said adventures; but those videos are actually very time consuming to create but it's a great exercise for learning how to do video-editing & video creation!

My latest adventures have included Cabaret Carte Blanche; I created simple version of pan, the nature-god from Greek & Roman mythology (simular gods in Celtic mythology as well). "Pan" was played by JAIAaquarian, a good friend of mine and talented performer here from BC.

I also painted one theatre & spoken word artist, Alessandra Naaccarato, a very talented lady I might add; as well as the beautiful and talented singer MOE & her musical cohert, Pedro.
I will soon post up a video-journal about the Cabaret Carte Blanche.

Onto other news:

I started an Etsy shop so if anyone who loves my artwork, this is a good venue to shop through.... Of course if you are ever in Montreal, you are also welcome to come check out my work in person.

I am only just getting the shop developed, there will be alot more to come (for all budgets) but for now I have 3 body painting styled art sculpture busts, & 3 prints/posters listed....

Please check me out:


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